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We have collated all the tools you need to gain the most out of your follower/membership base and everyone linked to your organisation.  By having your own secure branded ‘Private Social Network’, you can GUARANTEE that every single message is seen, and that it can be responded to quickly and easily by your followers.

Every tool is FREE to use as often as you like (including smartphone notifications!), but what's more, our commission rate is the LOWEST on the funds that pass through the site, so you save money too!  To good to be true?  Nope!


As everything is all in one place, your followers do not have to click multiple links or fill out long forms to engage with you.  This means more replies and funding for you.


We have made it so simple to use, that you will be able to quickly post requests, invites, news and surveys as often as you like.  Fast and targeted engagement easily!


You are in total control of your own Private Social Network, from the design all the way through to who can be a member and then the comments they make.


We have proof showing that by using ConnectTogether your followers will be closer to you than ever before, which equals more funding for your cause.

How do you launch ConnectTogether?

It really is very simple, and can be completed at a speed you are comforable with.

You can start by just using our system to communicate to you followers instead of using your current email provider, and use our payment processing service to save you money.

Or we have software available that you can 'bulk upload' your membership list so that ConnectTogether accounst are opened automatically for them.

Just drop us a line to discuss the options - we don't bite...

What information is needed for my users to have thier own profile?

Just thier name, city and an email address - everthing else is optional.

What are the benefits for my Members?


Firstly, they can see your messages in an uncluttered environment away from

All this means your messages will not get lost in a mountain of other posts, emails or tweets, and you can GAURANTEE that they are seen by your followers. Good eh?

So, what does all this lovely stuff cost?

Zero, Nothing, Nada, Rien......

Using all the ConnectTogether tools is FREE, and always will be.

We take a small commision on any funding that is proccessed by the site, but even that is the lowest percentage out there.....

How does the Communication work?

When you make a post, a notification will pop up on the homescreen of the smartphones of your users. Also we send an automated email.

The post then remains on you Private Social Network 'wall', and will remain there as long as you want.

All this means your messages will not get lost in a mountain of other posts, emails or tweets, and you can GAURANTEE that they are seen by your followers. Good eh?

Fundraising in a flash

When you post a fundraising request, it is delivered and highlighted to your followers in the same way as all other communications.

What is GREAT for both you and your followers though, is that from both a PC or thier phone, they can donate in just two clicks via PayPal. No numerous links to follow or forms to complete. just fast and simple financial support

Gain sponsorship funding from your followers

All followers you have on your own Connect Together Private Social Network can organise sponsored events to support you. From Climbing a mountain to sitting in a bath of baked beens, and everything in between!.

Just like everything on ConnectTogether though, you have full control. You can quickly set your account so that you have to approve all Sponsorhip before it is launched onto the system.

Also, unlike other systems, the sponsorship money they gain is sent DIRECT to your PayPal account from ConnectTogether. Gone are the days you have to wait until your followers sends you a cheque....

Get valuable feedback with easy surveys

With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can now share surveys with all or just a portion for your followers base.

What makes our system so great is just how quickly and esily your followers can respond, and how the survey results are then collated on your ConnectTogether dashboard.

Gaining feedback has never been so easy, quick and fun!

We take your and your followers privacy seriously

Quite simply, everything you or your followers post will never be shared, sold or shown to anyone else!.

We don't use any GPS data, we only need thier name and city toopen their account.

Infinite Customisation

We know the importance of your brand, and have the tools available so that you can personalise your own Social Network to make it truely your own.

And its not only your landing page you can customise, but sevry post, survey, funding request or invite. In fact, everything you do!

Still got questions?

Still want some more infomation? Visit our 'contact us' page and we'll drop you a line.

We can have a chat on the phone, organise a full demo online, or come and visit you in your offices (Milk, 2 sugars and we like biscuits...).


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